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Our building

The school building was built in 2021. It is modern, open and transparent. The building was designed because a beautiful and light environment is even better for inspiration and learning.

We think it is important to save the earth. That is why we heat and cool the school with a natural source, so that there is always a pleasant temperature. The 1150 solar panels on the roof provide the energy we consume. The concrete facades and associated insulation contribute to climate-friendly sustainability. Our entire school building is energy-neutral.

We have set up many study areas in our building, so you can enjoy working on your homework, a presentation or a paper anywhere. The library is located in the centre of the building: it is a special room where you can work together but also work in silence if you prefer.

The “leerpleinen” are designed so that you can relax there, meet each other or work on school. They are meeting places for everyone, not just students: you will often find school staff there as well. Feel free to talk to them to ask something or just to have a friendly chat.

During breaks, you can find more than enough nice places throughout the building to spend time with your friends. When the weather is nice, there are plenty of nice seats around the school building where you can relax. You can also enjoy a walk along the path around the school. In the auditorium you will find the school canteen, where you can buy food and drinks. It is important to us that you develop a healthy lifestyle: that is why our school canteen offers delicious, conscious and responsible sandwiches and snacks.