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MAVO or Bilingual MAVO

Mavo stands for general secondary education. This course is also called vmbo-t and lasts four years. The thing that is extra special about our school is that we encourage you to take final exams in seven subjects. We train not only for the exit to MBO (level 3/4), but also for transfer to HAVO. That is why attention is paid to general training and career orientation and guidance (LOB). You can also take final exams in special subjects such as art, music, drama and/or sports.

You choose the regular or bilingual variant of the mavo. We are even one of the first three MAVOs in the Netherlands to offer this certified by Nuffic. There is no entry level.

There is also a bridge class that is bilingual HAVO/MAVO. If you like English and are interested in the world around you, then the bilingual mavo is for you. In the first year there are many extra activities devoted to the English language. For example, the theater group Phileas Fogg rehearses an English play in one day. In the third year you go on an exchange to a host family in another country in Europe, such as England or Denmark. Imagine that you really don’t succeed with the English language in the first year, then you can, of course, at the end of the year go to mavo regular course.

Watch our film about mavo/havo at the Stedelijk here!