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TIP (Tweetalig International Programme)

Our  Dutch bilingual department at het Stedelijk College Eindhoven at the Henegouwenlaan is offering the “Tweetalig International Programme” (TIP). The aim of TIP is to offer students with an international educational background an educational program that will enhance their Dutch language skills and abilities so that they may, ultimately, be able to cope, and even excel in the Dutch educational system and obtain their Dutch High school Diploma (tvwo, thavo, vwo or havo).

The profile of a TIP student.

The TIP student has an affiliation with international and/or bilingual education, where the focus lies in the development of their Dutch language skills and ability, while at the same time maintaining their English language skills. As such pupils following the programme will receive up to 7 lessons of Dutch language per week.

Which students are likely to take part in TIP?

Students with an International background, with the ambition for a havo or vwo diploma. The minimum requirement is at least A1 for Dutch skills. The academic level should be vwo or havo.

What can the Stedelijk College Eindhoven  offer you?

A Dutch international bilingual programme that specializes in enhancing pupils’ cognitive academic language, in order that, pupils successfully obtain their vwo or havo diploma. What will the time-table be like? In the first year the TIP offers seven Dutch language lessons each week. (three Dutch lessons more per week than regular vwo or havo pupils). During the seven Dutch lesson the TIP pupils will be in their own Dutch language class, in order to enhance their personal Dutch language requirements and maximize their Dutch language progress.

In the second year the TIP pupils also receive seven Dutch language lessons each week (four Dutch lessons more per week than regular vwo or havo pupils) The starting level of the Dutch skills have to be at a minimum of A1. The lessons in the second year could be in combination with regular Dutch lessons.

The aim of the programme is that after two years the pupils have enhanced their Dutch language ability to such a level that they can follow the regular and/or bilingual havo or vwo classes.