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Our School

Who they are

The Stedelijk College Eindhoven is a public secondary school with two locations. The location on Henegouwenlaan is the largest location with approximately 1350 students and 150 employees.

It’s about students

At our school you learn new things and students find a place where they quickly feel at home. At our school you can be yourself and develop further. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable at our school. We are convinced that you have to feel good about yourself in order to get the most out of yourself. And that is what we strive for. Students who feel good eventually get better marks.

Choose with your heart

There is a lot to choose from at our school. In this way, students at all levels can choose whether they will follow this bilingual or regular. In addition, we encourage you to take exams in seven subjects. Taking exams in special subjects such as art, drama, music and sports is also an excellent choice. At pre-university education, pupils can opt for ‘Science Orientation Netherlands’ (WON). The aim of this specialization is to prepare pre-university students, as best as possible, for a scientific study. Through WON they discover whether ‘science’ is for them. In addition, there are many extras such as plus hours, a debate club and exchange trips. At our school, you can even study philosophy, mindfulness, Russian or Chinese.


Onze school is afgelopen jaar beoordeeld en opnieuw als een excellente school beoordeeld. De jury voor excellente scholen stelt de school als voorbeeld voor het maatwerk dat ze biedt en schrijft in haar rapport: ‘Wij zien een school die voorop durft te lopen in nieuwe ontwikkelingen die de leerlingen ten goede komen!’ De school waar je kunt worden wie je bent. Vanuit onze visie op leren gaan we de komende jaren geleidelijk aan het eigenaarschap van leerlingen in hun leerproces stimuleren. Nu al denken leerlingen actief mee in de medezeggenschapsraad en het leerlingenparlement.

Het zal voor leerlingen steeds meer mogelijk zijn hun eigen route in het leren te bepalen, zowel binnen als buiten de les. We zijn wat dat betreft een no-nonsense school. Hier mag je zijn wie je bent. Niets is een punt, je mag je kleden zoals je wilt en er is veel ruimte voor extra’s. Het gaat op onze school om betrokkenheid en dat gevoel geven we door aan onze leerlingen. De relatie tussen onze docenten en leerlingen gaat altijd uit van vertrouwen. Iedereen hoort erbij en daar zijn we trots op!

The school where you can become who you are

Based on our vision on learning, in the coming years we will gradually stimulate students to take ownership of their learning process. Students are already actively participating in the participation council and the student parliament. It will be increasingly possible for students to determine their own route in learning, both inside and outside the classroom. We are a no-nonsense school in that regard. Here you can be who you are. Nothing is a problem, you can dress however you want and there is plenty of room for extras. At our school it is about involvement and we pass that feeling on to our students. The relationship between our teachers and students is always based on trust. Everyone is included and we are proud of that!

Global citizenship

Our education is provided in a context-rich learning environment that is internationally minded. In addition to, for example, multilingualism and a world curriculum, competencies are interwoven in our education, such as the competency global citizenship. Model United Nations has now become a household name, our students organize this independently, online in the past year. Since last year it has also been possible to follow a new bilingual international program (TIP), created in the context of the Brainport region.


We offer tailor-made support in learning for all students. There are several options from which you can choose. In the past school year, for example, highly gifted students followed a program in which they are supervised and learn about functioning in the social-emotional area, among other things. We also offer extra support from referral by the mentor.

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