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English teacher

Mrs. S. (Silke) Swart

Favorite topic of my course
Speaking English of course! During the lessons and speaking skills assignments, everything that you have already learned comes together and what you can still work on. We then discuss different topics together and get to know each other a little better.

My tip for you if you are going to make a choice for a new school
Choose a school where you feel comfortable and at home. It is important that you feel good in the place where you will be 5 days a week. So try to take a look at our school during open days and certainly during the mini-lessons! Here you really get a good idea of ​​the teachers and how classes are taught.

I think the Stedelijk is a good school because
It is a very nice school where everyone is welcome. You immediately feel the warm atmosphere and that you are seen as a student. The Stedelijk is a
school that shows you a lot of the world, both close to home and further afield. It is also a school where you get opportunities to develop in all kinds of different areas.

In short: the Stedelijk is a school with opportunities!