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History Teacher

Mister R. (Rick) van de Zilver

Favorite topic of my course
The subject doesn’t even matter to me! As long as I can teach students something about my profession, I think that’s always fantastic.

Best thing I’ve ever experienced at school
During my lessons I enjoy the many fun and interesting questions from students about the past. Those are questions I would also like to explore. I find a healthy balance between learning and fun to be crucial and so I add a touch of humor and fun to my lessons.

My tip for you if you are going to make a choice for a new school
Do not only look at what you want to achieve. Also choose for the way there. Choose a safe, beautiful and sporty environment that stimulates you in your development.

I think the Stedelijk is a good school because
there are many opportunities here to develop on the basis of knowledge, social skills, learning skills and in the learning environment. There is a safe and pleasant atmosphere here for every student.

The best reason to choose the Stedelijk
With our new school building, our organization is currently in full development. I believe that a developing school learns every day and can therefore offer the best education to the student. This creates an environment where everything and everyone is learning.