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VWO-WON or Bilingual VWO

Vwo lasts six years. There are two options for pre-university, namely:

Atheneum and Gymnasium
In principle, both education streams are the same, except that at gymnasium you also get the classical languages ​​Latin and Greek. Our VWO is extra special, because we offer bilingual VWO or VWO with WON. You choose the regular or bilingual variant of the VWO.

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The aim is to prepare VWO students as best as possible for a scientific study. WON helps you find out whether ‘science’ is for you. In addition, for a successful further education at the university a critical, investigative and active attitude is expected of you. You also learn that through WON.

What else do you learn through WON?

  • Inquiry-based learning (performing your own research)
  • Critically viewing media (e.g. recognizing fake news)
  • Creating (making, sharing, making a vlog, social media)
  • Making your own choices.

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