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VWO or Bilingual VWO

Vwo stands for preparatory scientific education.
Within the vwo, you can choose from two streams with us:

  • atheneum;
  • Gymnasium.

In principle, both streams are the same, but in gymnasium you also study the classical languages Latin and Greek. You will eventually have to take your final exams in one of these two classical languages. Both streams last six years and after graduation you can go to university. There is no level difference between atheneum and gymnasium.

With a vwo level, you can start with us in the following bridging classes:

– (bilingual) vwo-atheneum/havo

– (bilingual) vwo-atheneum

– (bilingual) vwo-gymnasium

Watch our film about regular (Dutch) pre-university education at the Stedelijk!

Ms A.(Astrid) Geeve is a teacher of Classical Languages:

“Learning classical languages is special and challenging. Not only do you learn two new languages (we start with Latin in the bridge class; Greek follows in year 2), but you also learn a lot about how the Greeks and Romans used to live. You will be introduced to their culture and stories.

Learning Latin and Greek might take some getting used to, because these languages work slightly differently from most languages. But when you get the hang of it, you will see that knowing Greek and Latin is very useful. And that is not only useful for other languages, but also for other subjects: reading and translating a Latin sentence is like solving a puzzle.”