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Central final exam

Central final exam 2022

Please note: this information may change during the school year.

Timetable for the second and third period

The second period starts on June 20, 2022.

In March 2022 it will be announced on which days and times the Central Examinations in the second period will be held.

The second period is exclusively intended for candidates who:

  • have taken the exam in the first period and have been admitted to the resit;
  • were unable to participate in the final examination in the first period for a valid reason.
    This is the so-called deferred exam.

The second period is for all study programs from 20 to 23 June 2022.

The third period is in August 2022.

This period is only intended for examination by the state examination committees for pre-university, havo and mavo. The chairmen of the state examination committees can deviate from the schedule for the third period.

Three groups of candidates can participate in the third period. These are candidates who:

  • have missed more than two sittings of the central exam for a valid reason;
  • on the day of the resit, having completed the first period of the central exam and have not yet made use of their right to a resit;
  • on the day of the resit, for a valid reason, were prevented from exercising their right to resit or the possibility of postponed examination.

Provisional result for resit

The examination candidate may retake the examination in the second period or -if applicable- in the third period for a subject in which he or she has sat an exam. The candidate must request this resit in writing from the location director. The application makes the exam result provisional. After the resit, the result will be final. The highest grade obtained will then be considered the final grade.