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Frequently asked questions

Here are frequently asked questions. If a question is not listed, please email us

Talk to the primary school and ask what they think would best suit your child. Also discuss with the group 8 teacher what you think suits your child best. In a pre-university education (VWO)/higher general secondary education (HAVO), we assume that a student can at least achieve havo and, with extra effort and potential, may also be able to reach a VWO level. If a student has to work hard to get to havo, but if lower general secondary education (MAVO) is certainly within reach, then HAVO/MAVO is a good option.

Are you an international student? Our school is part of SILFO. SILFO is an Eindhoven-based foundation that offers different international student programmes at three different schools. Click here for more information about the programmes.

We teach at the higher level, with the appropriate teaching material and at the appropriate pace. We also test at the higher level and standardize at the lower level, so that the students who will fit best there can also achieve a good result in the following year. Question: can my child start in a bilingual course in the first year and go back to the regular course if it doesn’t suit him/her? Answer: yes, we always like to see the first school year completed in full, unless this jeopardizes the transition of a student.

No, unfortunately that is not possible.

We have a care office with associated care coordinators. They look at each student with a diagnosis individually and, in consultation, determine what fits best in terms of compensation and/or dispensation. A few examples: during test weeks we work with separate classrooms for students who are entitled to an extension of time. Students may be able to use a laptop when writing is difficult. ‘Claroread’ is a system that converts written language, via the laptop, into spoken language so that students can read and listen.