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Geography teacher

Mr. M. (Marc) Daelmans

Favorite topic of my course
Everything that has to do with our beautiful earth. So all kinds of climates,
the different cultures, but also spectacular volcanic eruptions or the occurrence of severe earthquakes.

Best thing I’ve ever experienced at school.
The Stedelijk is simply a very nice and pleasant school with a lot of great activities. The first year camp, the school parties and of course the fun trips and exchanges to countries in and even outside Europe. The last time I went with the 4th year students on an exchange to Indonesia. That was a really great experience.

My tip for you if you are going to choose a new school
Of course it is important what friends do, or what your parents think is a good school. Even more important is the feeling you have at a certain school.

I think the Stedelijk is a good school because
I enjoy working here myself and every year meet a very large group of first year students. When students have taken their exams here, they all say that they really had a good time here. In the years that follow, they often say that they miss our school once they are studying.

The best reason to choose the Stedelijk
We are a school where you will quickly feel at home and where you can be yourself.
The Stedelijk is really TOP!