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Meet our team leaders EOA

Our team leaders of the First Admission for Non-native speakers (EOA) are Mrs. T. (Tonja) Heeren, Mrs. A. (Anita) Hermans and Mr. R. (Robbert) Pieschel. They each have a different role within the team, but together they ensure that every student finds his or her place at our school.

Mrs T. (Tonja) Heeren, EOA initial phase

When you come to the Netherlands from another country, everything is new. The reason why you are in The Netherlands can be different for every student. It is exciting for every student to go to a new school.

In Addition to Learning the Dutch Language, we think it is extremely important that students feel “at home” within the school. We mean feeling at home in multiple ways, such as warmth, safety, building friendships, and sharing experiences.

How nice it is to be seen and helped by the teachers! How nice it is to make new friends!

Mrs A. (Anita) Hermans, intermediate phase EOA

All our students take the Human & Society course in the lower years. This means that you get acquainted with the Dutch language, and with Dutch customs and culture. For example, we celebrate carnival together, learn the traffic rules and walk outside in the fall.

In class, we also learn about each other’s cultural backgrounds. The amazement on both sides is a great experience. Just like the understanding and enthusiasm for each other to share this.

After about two years, most students leave the EOA. You will then receive exit advice to continue your studies in the Netherlands. With your parents and the help of the student mentor, you will take the next step in the Netherlands.

Mr. R. (Robbert) Pieschel, team leader location Broodberglaan Eindhoven

Our location on the Broodberglaan houses the students who have just arrived in the Netherlands. We call these initial groups and can be children of expats, knowledge workers, but also refugees. We recognize that children who are new to the Netherlands need social contacts. Mentors and teachers work on this duration, as well as after school, we sacrifice students a place where they can hang out with each other, relax, experience global citizenship, and discover their talents.

I am very proud every time I walk around the school. I feel the atmosphere we created in which the student can and are allowed to develop at their own pace.