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Meet our team leader EOA

Mr. M. (Mark) Klaaijsen
Team leader First Reception for Non-native speakers

Our Non-Native language program is a plus for everyone.
It offers many opportunities. On the one hand, the students learn from each other’s cultural backgrounds at school, and on the other hand, we use the practical classrooms and deploy the practical teachers of the VMBO. As a result, the transition from EOA to our pre-vocational secondary education is also very small.


Already on the first day that I gave PE lessons at the EOA, I noticed the differences in students. The diversity in backgrounds and culture makes working with students who barely master the Dutch language challenging. It gives me great satisfaction. Their gratitude and the atmosphere in the class are great. As a school we can really do something for them. Pupils spend an average of two years at our school. They often need this time to ‘land’ at school and in the Netherlands.


Our main task is to teach students the Dutch language. We thereby increase the chances of their future. If they are proficient in the Dutch language, we give students an exit advice. Then it is up to the students to find the next school together with their parents and with our help. The following year they often come to show their report and tell us how they are doing. I am always super proud of them!