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First Admission for Non-native speakers

We have a First Admission for Non-native speakers (EOA) within our school. This is a special education program for non-native speakers. In this program you will learn the Dutch language as well as other subjects. You will also learn about Dutch culture and society.

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For whom

EOA is for students who have not yet fully mastered the Dutch language. At least not enough to be able to follow secondary education properly.

The age ranges from 11 years + 6 months to 16 years.

In our small classes you have your own mentor, who pays a lot of attention to you. You can contact him or her for school matters as well as for personal matters.

Dutch as a second language

The EOA at our school is specialized in the Dutch Language. Learning Dutch is central. You will be taught by a small team of teachers in your own part of our school. In addition to the Dutch language, we will also teach you a lot about our Dutch culture. If your Dutch is good enough, you can continue with regular education.

Your subjects

In addition to the Dutch language, subjects such as Art and Culture, Exercise & Sport, People and Society, arithmetic (mathematics) and English are taught. In this way you also get to know some subjects from further educational areas, so that you discover which subjects you like and which suit you.


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The EOA education is divided into three phases:
1. the extended intake
2. the initial phase
3. the intermediate phase
If you follow everything, the initial phase lasts 1 year and the intermediate phase also lasts 1 year.


After this process you can move on to secondary education or senior secondary vocational education. The length of the process varies from student to student. You can enroll throughout the year and you follow your own learning route. On average, a process takes two years.


You register your kid at this submission form.