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Foundation for International and Local Fundamental Education (SILFO)

The Stedelijk College Eindhoven, the International School Eindhoven and the Strabrecht College, with their six schools, are part of this foundation. With 625 employees, we provide education to 4500 students every day.

SILFO stands for excellent education in an international top technology region and provides primary and secondary education in the Eindhoven region.

SILFO is a source of education and inspiration, our students are central and our keywords are:

#personal development
#global citizenship

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Feel at home at our schools!

Where you feel at home, you lay the foundation for good education. We encourage students and employees to discover and further develop their talents.

For us, our schools and structures are built to feel like a home. A home where you can grow, which can feel like a real home!

Ms. drs. P. (Petra) de Bruijn MBA & mr. drs. M. (Meine) Stoker

Executive Board SILFO