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Meet redacteur Gayatri

I’m in!

Stedelijk College TV has a close-knit editorial team. I am part of it. Every week we meet during a break to share ideas for new items and to elaborate on them. Our items can almost all be divided into larger and smaller items. For larger items, we often film at a different location, such as Toverland or the Burgers Zoo, and we make more complex videos that require more equipment, such as our visiting series, or Stedelijk College TV at the table. So there is a lot to do behind the scenes. The smaller items are often about something that happens at school, such as looking back at the exchanges. After the larger items we often do something fun, such as going to the McDrive or having a drink in the teacher’s lounge.

Making something together is fun!
I learn a lot at Stedelijk College TV. I improve my speaking and listening skills by learning how to interview someone. I learn to work with the equipment and I learn to make items. I also get to meet new people and build friendships. Most items are also filmed during school hours.

We make TV together
All of us, of course! At our weekly meetings, everyone from both in front and behind the scenes comes together to brainstorm. When creating the items, our teacher, Nico, prepares a script as a preliminary work that the other members can supplement. During the recordings you have a few cameramen, one or two presenters, Mr Nico van de Klundert ensures that we work well together and for the larger items a few people who operate the switchboards.

Participating in Stedelijk College TV has astonishingly helped me in my development as a person. I was able to experiment with different presentation styles because there is room for it, but by interviewing so many different people I also learned more about which way I want to take my own future.