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Parents’ evenings

Parents’ evenings

In the first year at school, we start with introductory evenings for parents. Everyone meets in the auditorium. At this first meeting we explain to parents that we are easily accessible and that you can always call, email or drop by if there are any questions. Parents also meet their child’s coach, who is the first point of contact for them.

Three way communication

During a school year there are at least three moments when parent-student-coach talk to each other. The student, you determine the direction of the conversation. Your development and your well-being are central to the meeting.

Teacher- parent conversations

There are also teacher-parent conversations. Here, as a student, you and your parents can ask specific questions per subject.

Feedback groups

Parents can think along with us about our education and join our resonance groups. Three times a year we talk to each other about educational matters, we ask for feedback and together we look forward. It’s great to be able to do more for education at Stedelijk College Eindhoven together with our community.

Parents’ Council

The Parents’ Council organizes information evenings on social themes.
Parents are invited for this.