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Meet a parent


Our two children attend the Stedelijk College. Our daughter wanted to get a bilingual education and she had a good feeling about this school. She is now in the fourth year of bilingual vwo. Our son hesitated. Of course he had already heard many stories from his sister, but we stimulated him to choose for himself. He is now in the second year. He also follows bilingual VWO. I notice that as a parent I wanted to steer a little bit when choosing their school, but I also learned that my children can experience a school differently than I do as a parent. Therefore, the final choice must rest with them.

Easy to contact

I experienced short lines of communication with the coach. Making contact is easy. If I send a message via Somtoday to the coach or subject teacher, there is a quick response. Communication was also good during the corona period. At school, there is an open atmosphere and I experience that in the conversations that take place between parents and school. The coach is important to my children. There is a lot of guidance, which makes the transition from primary school to secondary school went smoothly. The transition to the second year of secondary school was a little more difficult, as the foundation for the English language had been laid and more was expected of them as a result.


I regularly check in the Somtoday app to see what they have to do. If my kids ask, I help them with homework. During a test week, we print the schedule and hang it in the kitchen, so that we know what is coming and we can wish them good luck with every test. If necessary, I assist in making the planning for the test week. Furthermore, I try to let it go, because I think the motivation should come from themselves.


Bilingual pre-university education is not always easy. Fortunately, I have children who want to and persevere, but of course they struggle With it sometimes. The advantage is that they can always continue in the regular department if they fail. That was important to us. My children really love to travel. In The first year to Copenhagen and the following year to a host family in England. Thanks to the good information, guidance and the clear program I send them on their way with complete confidence. In the fourth year they can go on a big trip. This is an exchange within Europe or to Indonesia, South Africa or Peru. As parents, we pay for the travel, but we knew this was part of the course. Information about this is transparent. As a result, they grow, become more independent because they discover the world ‘alone’ and of course they deserve some fun!

mrs. M. (Marjon) van Stipdonk