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The Campus

A new and unique programme in Eindhoven, only available at the Stedelijk!

The Campus is intended for curious, inquisitive and independent students who are already good at planning and cooperating. We collaborate in this with the Oude Bossche Baan location, so that you can make optimal use of both theoretical and practical subjects.

In our school’s living room, you usually start and end the day together with your class and learning coach. You discuss what you will do that day and then you will work on personal growth or continue with a project.

You have your own learning coach to work on growth and planning. Inspiration teachers teach you the content and depth of the subjects.

Usually, you will work thematically, so that different subjects are offered in conjunction. You will work with block hours as much as possible: these are two lessons in a row. Besides Dutch and English classes, you will also learn French, Spanish and German. You will also be taught the subjects of maths, biology, geography, technas and history, as well as drama, drawing and music. Do you like sports and exercise? Then The Campus suits you too, because we do that for 4 hours a week.

On Wednesday afternoons, we get hands-on at our other location with Skillslab. You can then choose from foodlab, sportslab, stagelab and technolab. This day will take place at our location on the Oude Bossche Baan.

A Campus class includes students of all levels: vwo, havo, vmbo and basic or framework.
You work on themes that are appropriate for you. That means you can work at the highest possible level. You will be inspired by the teachers and then work on learning objectives at the level that suits you by exploring and doing.

At The Campus, we don’t award grades but encourage you to develop as broadly as possible and discover your talents. Because your development is constantly monitored, you can grow at your own pace and get the best out of yourself!

Does The Campus suit you?

Would you like to:

  • to work practically and theoretically?
  • work on themes and explore the world?
  • to a broad bridge class where you can postpone your ‘level choice’?
  • work on your own learning goals together with a coach and inspirational teachers?

If you answer “yes” to all these questions, then The Campus is for you!