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Teacher of physical education

Mrs. N. (Nicole) Schoonhoven

Favorite topic of my course
Exercising a lot and in a pleasant way with all students. I think it
is especially important that everyone enjoys moving in my classes. With me you
always exercise at your own level and you are not judged on a trick. I will also introduce you to as many different sports as possible. So skating, climbing, trampolining and circus disciplines are also discussed.

Funniest thing I ever experienced at school
Too many to list. There is so much organized at this school such as travelling, gala, gym final show, water skiing, climbing and snowboarding at gym. What I also really like is that my students often come to work out during breaks and after school. My tip for you if you are going to make a choice for a new school Go by your gut feeling. Decide for yourself what you think is the best choice. And above all, just come and have fun with us.

I think the Stedelijk is a good school because
We offer help to all students in many different ways. Here, there is support for everyone. We invest in people individually and you’ll join a close knit team. The Stedelijk is also a community school with many opportunities. We have many different subjects here, many activities, many different students, a lot of travel, a lot of support and many opportunities.

The best reason to choose the Stedelijk
Because there are so many great options for every student. You can choose from drama to Spanish and from technique to extra sport. The atmosphere at school is open and friendly. Everyone is welcome.