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History teacher and mentor first year students

Mr. D. (Daan) Krahmer

Students call me Mr. Krahmer. Yet the word sir does not create distance between me and my students. All teachers are very approachable to students. I listen to my students a lot and we do a lot together. During the mentor hours we look at what we are going to do.  Together,  I think it is important to determine the learning path. At the Stedelijk , it’s all about allowing students to grow and having a great time.

Feeling at home
I try to quickly create a group bond in my mentor class. Together with my mini-mentors, two older students, I undertake fun activities, such as making cupcakes or playing games. That’s great about our school: because a lot is possible, students also start in terms of Thinking in possibilities. I try to listen to every student in my class. I take characters into account and try to provide customization so that everyone feels at home here.

Battle of Nieuwpoort
In my history lessons I connect with current events and the perception of my students. My grandfather can tell that the battle of Nieuwpoort was in the year 1600. That was then. You don’t learn dates with me. That is not appropriate at this time. I try to teach students when information is reliable and how to make comparisons between then and now. By comparing the past and present you can develop a good sense of history.

My school
I once started here as a student and now I work at this school as a teacher. The pleasant atmosphere has remained the same. This is my school!