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Meet Sara

I enjoy having classmates with different cultural backgrounds. I learn a lot from that and I like the atmosphere at my school. Everyone seems to get along very well here. At the beginning of the school year we already talked about this during the coaching hours. By hearing and giving each other’s opinion, everyone here treats each other normally. Making friends comes naturally and I quickly notice that it clicks.

I follow bilingual education. Even if you speak almost no English, you just start at the beginning here and you learn it quickly. I already knew quite a lot, but students who knew less were still at the same level at the end of the year.

Homework is really more here than in primary school. Fortunately they help me with it. Nice and handy! My favorite subject is art. I don’t have to be quiet the whole time and I’m learning skills. We make big cool projects. Now I make a hug with a story.

My tip for group 8 students:

Choose a school where you can be yourself and where you feel at home. Everyone is welcome here and you are accepted as you are.