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Meet Maud

When I was in group 8 I heard a lot about this school. On the open day I experienced the great atmosphere and I knew for sure: this will be my school! My parents thought that was fine. The bilingual education and the trips abroad appealed to me. I stopped after my first year taking bilingual education, because it was just too difficult for me. Fortunately, that’s possible here. In the first week of school we did fun activities to get to know each other.

I found it super exciting. I didn’t know anyone who went to bilingual secondary school at the Stedelijk College, but I soon made new friends. We also went to camp, where I got to know a lot of people. That was a very nice feeling! My coach is Mrs. Huiskens. She is super sweet

and helps or answers my questions when I have them. I can always talk to her when things go wrong at home or at school. A super nice coach at a super nice school!