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Meet Madelon

I’m at the Stedelijk because on the open day I got a good feeling about the school. I saw myself learning and being taught here. My brother was already at school here, so I could ask him a lot of questions about it. Bilingual education appealed to me, but in the end I didn’t choose it. During the first week at school, I was introduced to my class. We played

introductory games and walked around the school to get to know the way. It was exciting,

but I made friends quickly and we often met with a small group. Geography is my favorite subject, because it’s not just theory lessons. Sometimes we actually do things like taste water from the Dead Sea or feel Sahara sand. During the breaks, I usually chill with my

friends. At my school you will be helped if you have trouble with something. During the eighth lesson hour you attend the plus hour classes where you can receive extra support and guidance.