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We’re very excited that you are visiting Model United Nations!

You are about to embark on a life-changing journey that will help you develop confidence in leading others, a stronger awareness of global issues, and the chance to make new friends from around the world. MUN is a valuable experience that can help you get into college, find your first job, and become inspired to change the world. And most importantly, M-U-N is F-U-N!

Every year at the Stedelijk College Henegouwenlaan, an enthusiastic group of students organizes two separate Model United Nations conferences. For the third years, and any externals wishing to participate, MUNsce is hosted around April. For the fourth years, a one-day version of this conference is organized, called MiniMUN. This conference fits into their international exchange program, and their exchange partner countries will also participate.

Are you interested in MUN, but not quite sure what to expect? Hop by one of the weekly MUN-day meetings.
They are hosted every Monday during the second break, in classroom 4.04!


MUNSCE stands for Model United Nations Stedelijk College Eindhoven. MUNSCE is a Model United Nations conference for and by the students of Stedelijk College Eindhoven. Many delegates will be students from our school, ages varying from 14 to 18. External delegates and chairs are also more than welcome! This conference is a great starting place as an introduction to the world of MUN. We are a beginners-conference, and mainly focus on development and learning of MUN skills and rules.

Our MUNSCE group is working hard to organise a conference with interesting issues, fruitful debates, and of course, lots of fun. As a introductory MUN, we encourage our delegates to develop their skills in public speaking, lobbying, and debating while also learning about world issues and how to tackle them. Every year we decide on a different relevant theme. We challenge our delegates by having them participate in our numerous committees, including the GA’s, Security Council and even our own Historical Committees.

We hope to see you all during our MUNSCE conferences!

Feel free to Email any questions via the contact tab!

Kind Regards,

Luna Coppelmans and Bernd van Ruremonde

Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General ’22

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