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Registration – How do you do it?

Registering – First year

You can register digitally via the information received from your primary school.

You will then receive a registration form by email.

If digital registration via primary school is not possible or is not desirable, your parents can indicate this by telephone or email. They will then receive an application form by email. You send this to us with the blue form from the primary school.

Parents of students from outside the Eindhoven partnership (due to a move) or students from abroad can request an application form by telephone or email. If the original advice has been amended as a result of the report of the final test, the primary school will let us know. If you would also like us to reconsider the original placement, you can let us know.

Pay attention! Requests that reach us after June 4, 2022 can unfortunately no longer be processed.

To request a new placement, you can fill in the form ‘request for a placement review’ and return it to us, preferably by email (

Revision of placement is permitted if the advice is no longer met with the earlier placement and there is still room in the requested course.

If your advice has been adjusted by your primary school teacher but we have not received a request from you for a review of the placement, we will assume that you agree with the original placement.


Registering higher grades

Pupils of ‘Antoon Schellens’, ‘Helder’ or ‘Eerste opvang anderstaligen’  who want to register, can request a registration form by telephone or email. The registration days for higher year groups (switch from a different secondary school) will take place on Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 May from 14:00 to 17:00 hrs.

Click here for the registration form.

Below is information about the options at the Henegouwenlaan location:
For more information about (bilingual) MAVO 2 and 3, click here for the selection forms
For more information about (bilingual) HAVO 4, click here for the selection forms
For more information about (bilingual) ) VWO 4 and 5, click here for the selection forms



For questions about your 1st year registration, please contact Manuela Quik (

Questions regarding applications for higher year groups can be put to the relevant team leader or dean. The telephone number of the Henegouwenlaan location is 040-264 57 77.