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Our new sports hall

Future-oriented sports

Our new sports hall offers a unique new sports experience.
For us, moving with pleasure and continuing to do so in the future is the most important thing! Working out in our brand new sports hall is a fantastic experience for our students.

Students Nayana Dollart (16), Kirill Kharin (13), Sterre Meuwese (14) are super enthusiastic about the hall. “I’ve never seen such a futuristic gym. With trapezes, a climbing wall and the ‘Ninja’ wall”, says Kirill. He has already tried the climbing wall and he likes it the most. The Ninja wall is a multi-wall focused on strength. Nayana notices the new floor with LED lighting. “The hall is very modern compared to the old gym.” Sterre explains how light the hall is. “There is not only lighting, but also large windows and a glass wall.
It was really cool that while I was climbing I could see out the windows.”




Our new sports vision allows you to move with pleasure and we encourage you to stay active. It is a unique sports hall, large, with the possibility of turning it into four gymnasiums. There is a floor with LED lighting with fixed patterns, but also with dynamic lines for your own applications.

No mark

Also new is moving without norms. Students no longer receive grades, but are challenged at their own level. Nayana likes this way of moving. “There are always people who are better. I now feel less pressure to be just as good. I am responsible for what I do.”


Sports indoors and outdoors

The glass rear wall ensures that the outside integrates with the inside. The wall is often open. We are never weather dependent again. When the weather is nice, students can go outside to the exercise park. The exercise park, including the yoga field, the boot camp bridge, beach volleyball or the aortic running or the inline skating track is the final phase. Our entire sports landscape is expected to be ready by the end of 2023.


“Inside the hall four subjects are simultaneously given. Students can choose which sport suits them. We have frameworks and give instructions, but a student can then fill in what he wants and set a goal.”
Mrs. N.(Nancy) Jansen