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Our new building

Our new building

The Stedelijk College Eindhoven, located on the Henegouwenlaan is a modern and open school in a beautiful new building. The classrooms are large with high ceilings which leads to a lot of light and space. We are, of course, very proud of our new school, because with a beautiful and bright environment you can learn even better.

The entire building is energy neutral. This means that we heat our school with a natural source with which we can achieve a pleasant temperature in the building. There are also 1,150 solar panels on our roof! With our concrete facades and the associated insolation, we contribute to climate-friendly sustainability and that is what we stand for, because we are careful with our earth!

The wifi is great and there are many power points: handy if you want to recharge your laptop! The building is three storeys high and on the first floor you can enter our sports hall via a bridge. At least… when the sports hall is completely finished this school year, because we are still busy with construction.

Enjoyable learning
The outside can be seen from everywhere inside our learning environment. We even have an inside garden! There are many workplaces throughout the building, where you can work wonderfully. Ideally, you can study anywhere and not just depend on a classroom. The media library is central to our building. It is a special space that is combined with the learning plaza. All students can learn there independently, or work with a group. And do you want to present something? All our walls are magnetic walls, so it’s nice and easy because you can quickly hang something with magnets!

When you are outside, you will see our LEDwall on the third floor, so that you can enjoy what is happening in the school via the mega-sized screens.

Our building is transparent, so you can see into the distance. There are no walls to hinder you. Space in the classroom, in the media library and on the learning plazas suit the Stedelijk College Eindhoven. We make that space for students, so that you can study in school yourself. You can learn in a different way in the learning plaza or in the media library than in a classroom. Here you can work together, learn in silence or consult with, for example, a teacher who is often present there. Our learning plazas give you a living room feeling. It is almost as nice as at home.

Watch our videos from Stedelijk College TV that students made during construction.

New build movie 1


New build movie 3


New build movie 5

New build movie 2


New build movie 4


New build movie 6