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Interested in languages ​​and want to be able to show the world your competence in that language? How about obtaining DELE (Diplomas de Espa ol como Lengua Extranjera) a diploma for Spanish as a Foreign Language or DELF (Dipl me d’tudes en Langue Fran aise). With us you can obtain an internationally officially recognized diploma for both languages! Or rather HSK, (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) an internationally recognized skills test for people for whom Chinese is not their native language.

Extra subjects

For students who want more, prefer to choose as broadly as possible and who want to use all their options, it is possible to follow additional subjects. You take these subjects on top of your regular curriculum, in your own time and under your own motivation, but always with the help of the subject teacher. That way you can take exams in extra subjects!

International Student Programme

Are you an international student? Our school is part of SILFO. SILFO is an Eindhoven-based foundation that offers different international student programmes at three different schools. Click here for more information about the programmes.