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Hey, great that you have joined our contest!

Who is the prize for?

You may already know that Stedelijk College Eindhoven, Henegouwenlaan location, is a super-hip, sporty and active school.

Working together and having fun is important to us. That’s why you can win a prize for your entire class!

How nice is that!

What can you win?

A super long sports lesson with the theme: Circus at our school. What you will do and experience during that special class remains a surprise, but it is certain that we will have a party together!

What should you do?

Tell us why you think your class should win this super long sports lesson with us. Use in your story the words: sporty, humor & crazy class!

Enter and WIN!

Fill out the form before the Autumn holiday and we’ll let you and your teacher know if you’ve won.




    My class would like to come to Stedelijk College Eindhoven because:

    I am in group ...